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Mastercraft X Star ready to ride!

25 May
May 25, 2013

The 20 hour run in of the new engine on the X Star is complete. Everything is running smooth, oil change completed and now she is ready to ride. Look forward to taking you all out on the X Star again after a long 6 months out the water. Just so you know however, I’m riding first 🙂 Great to have her back on the water!!!

Mastercraft X Star back in the water!!

13 May
May 13, 2013

The Mastercraft X Star is back in the water after a long period of repair. Had 2 hours of water testing with the new Chevy V8 engine and so far so good. Needs another 18 hours to run in then a quick oil change, but if all is good, by the end of the week we will be riding behind the X Star again 🙂

Flat water season in ChaloklumSaison ‘Mer plate’ a Chaloklum!Flachwasser Saison in Chaloklum

03 Mar
March 3, 2013

Julien rips up the glass waters of Chaloklum

Julien rips up the glass waters of Chaloklum

March has arrived and with it the south east winds that keep Chaloklum bay flat and glassy all day. February saw some great water and the last of the monsoon storms. Lots of great riders and great to see so many regulars coming back to Koh Phangan for the season. Hope to see you all soon to enjoy the great conditions up here at Wake Up! Wakeboarding Koh Phangan!
Julien rips up the glass waters of Chaloklum

Julien rips up the glass waters of Chaloklum

Mars est arrivé et avec lui les vents du Sud-Est qui gardent la baie de Chaloklum plat et vitreux toute la journée. En février, un peu d’eau grand et le dernier des tempêtes de mousson. Beaucoup de grands cavaliers et grands habitués de voir tant de revenir à Koh Phangan pour la saison. Au plaisir de vous voir tous bientôt profiter des excellentes conditions ici à Wake Up! Wakeboarding Koh Phangan!
Julien rips up the glass waters of Chaloklum

Julien rips up the glass waters of Chaloklum

März ist da und mit ihm die Süd-Ost Wind, der Chaloklum Bucht flach und glasigen den ganzen Tag halten. Februar sah einige große Wasser und die letzte der Monsunstürme. Viele tolle Reiter und toll zu sehen, so viele Stammgäste immer wieder auf Koh Phangan für die Saison. Ich hoffe Euch alle bald zu sehen, die sehr gute Bedingungen hier oben genießen zu Wake Up! Wakeboarding Koh Phangan!

X Star New Engine!!!

14 Feb
February 14, 2013

Hey everyone. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news on the X Star. After losing power I have done a full check on the X Star engine and after overheating there is damage beyond repair. So she is in need of new engine which is already on the way to Thailand. However it is so big it must come by boat, so it means a long wait 🙁

Looks like she will be out the water for at least a month, but I will keep you updated on developments.

Sorry for the bad news, but don’t worry, the old work horse boat Roberta is still going strong, and we have ballasted up the boat for the biggest wake.

Monsoon Finished?

06 Jan
January 6, 2013

Woke up to calm glassy waters in Chaloklum Koh Phangan today. Looks like that could be the end of the monsoon 🙂 Hope to see you up here soon at Wake Up! Wakeboarding Koh Phangan!!!!

CORE Sea Marine Conservation

02 Jan
January 2, 2013

Happy New Year everyone! Thanks to all of you for another great year of riding out in Chaloklum bay 🙂

I would like to start this year off with a little promotion of one of the more environmentally aware businesses here on the island. The Center for Oceanic Research and Education (CORE Sea), Koh Phangan’s first and only marine conservation and research facility in Thailand. They offer volunteering opportunities, courses for research, marine-biology and much more.

It is great to have these guys here on the island making an effort to preserve and look after the beutiful corals and sea life of the Gulf of Thailand. If any of you guys are looking for a worthwhile activity that will not only give you a fun and educational experience, but will also benefit the planet and environment then this is a perfect option for you. And don’t worry, there will still be plenty of time for wakeboarding 😉

Check out more details on their website here:
Hope to see you all out here again for another great year in 2013.

Jamie Wake Up!

Wake Up! Songkran

16 Apr
April 16, 2012

Happy Songkran (Thai New Year) to all Wake Up! Wakeboarding riders. Thanks for an awesome 2012 High Season! Things are calming down now as we head into the low season, but we at Wake Up! will still be here carving monster wakes all through the year! April sees the wind turn behind the island which provides Chaloklum bay with calm, glassy waters for the next 6 months, so head on over to Koh Phangan Thailand for some tropical water shreding!

Great Conditions in Chaloklum

10 Apr
April 10, 2011

The water is perfect here at Wake Up! Wakeboarding Koh Phangan!  We recently went through some of the craziest storms I have ever seen on the island, huge waves and floods all across the South of Thailand.  But one week on and it is like nothing happened, flat glassy water and sunshine everyday.

April onwards is the best time of year for wakeboarding here, very low offshore winds leave our playground perfect with nothing but the occasional ripple disturbing the surface of the water.  April is also the start of the low season, so the island is very quiet and peaceful, this also gives us loads of time for each set out on the water, we can relax, take plenty of breaks and chill out with a cold drink while drifting across the bay.

I look forward to seeing you all soon here at Wake Up! Wakeboarding Koh Phangan.

New Wakeboards, Wakesurfs and Bindings!

23 Jan
January 23, 2011

Wake Up! Wakeboarding Koh Phangan has just updated all our equipment with brand new stuff, including, mens/womens bindings, wakeboards and vests.  We have also added a Ronix Wakesurf board to our kit as the sport is growing in popularity all over the world.  Check our our gear page to see the new toys!!

Season Starts!

11 Dec
December 11, 2010

Great to see the flat water return to the bay!  I have been out testing the boat today and it is running great and ready to start the season.

It has been a long six weeks out the water, can’t wait to get out there again, so come find us and play.

To get the season started we are doing special discount prices!  Only 1000bht per set 🙂

See you all soon!!!!!