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    Such an amazing place to board ! This is where I had my first ever go and it was perfect. I went late afternoon and the bay was so calm and the water as flat as can be. Just the whole experience was awesome. The water was crystal clear and the views are breathtaking. On the way back after boarding we stayed out longer and watched the sunset right across the bay.

    Wish I was there now!

    Big thanks to J, (the owner / instructor) im already planning my next journey out. Cant wait to see and use all the new equipment too.

  2. Thanks Jon, I am really happy with the website the guys did a fantastic job and sorted it out really quickly. If anybody wants any top quality website work done at a good price contact Jon Packman at Satellite7, there is a link at the bottom of this page.

  3. @Big Air, Thanks for the comments Jon, look forward to seeing you soon, keep up the practice even if it is in the chilly waters of England!

    The water is great here at the moment, clear and flat, great time of year to be here, so get back soon!

    Enjoy England hope work is going well.

  4. Great session, the boat gave an awesome wake and the water was perfect. Certainly the most beautiful place I have ever wakeboarded and definately the warmest water.

    Great instruction from Jamie, he cleaned up my approaches and helped me make my first wake to wake jumps and surface 360s, thanks for helping me take my wakeboarding to the next level, I will definately be back!

  5. I spent 10 days behind jamies boat and i have to say wakeup is great. the wake is solid and chaloklam bay in the early morning and late evening is a spectacular place to ride.

    Wakeup is the only proper riding experience in the islands – lots claim to do wakeboarding but none have a proper setup.

    Jamie does it right with the only tower in the south, excellent lines, handle, boards and a driver who actually rides himself. no one else compares.

    I have ridden with him for 2 seasons now (over 20 riding days) and the experience keeps getting better.

  6. Andy & Emma Hallam

    This was our first time in Thailand and to rock into Chaloklum and meet Jamie was a real stroke of luck! We hadn’t been wakeboarding before but it took no time at all to get up and enjoy riding the wake.
    For any first timers who think they can’t do it, trust me, Jamie’s instruction makes it seem easy and his expert handling of boat really compensates for any lack of ability!!
    Anyway, enough ass kissing! Thanks for an awesome experience buddy, was a pleasure to meet you and hope to catch up again real soon.
    Andy & Em

  7. Big THX to Jamie for the wakeboarding-sessions in chalok-lum and tong-nai-pan end of may 2008!!!
    I had lots of fun, and so did my friends who either tried wakeboarding or waterski for the first time.
    They were very successful due to jamie’s altruistic boat pilot abilities.

    water conditions: warm and calm salty water, the afternoon was somehow a bit windy with small wind-waves, but we waited until conditions were good (about 4-5 p.m.).

    the boat has a 200 outboard engine and a custom-made tower. i really liked the wake it has produced, it is not as pushy as behind a air nautique or mastercraft but definitely not for sissies.

    wake-to wake jumping was really easy behind that boat. we could use jamies jobe 138 board which felt very similar to my own substance138.

    if you stay in koh-phangan and like wakeboarding this is the place to be.

    G- Achim

  8. Dear Jamie, This is Sadiq from Karachi, Pakistan, while driving on my rented motorbike I caem upon your wakeboarding place and it was so good to meet you and the rest of the gang…. I remember my futle attempts to wakeboard with you , need to be more fit and lose some weight too, plan to come down to Koh Phangan soon, probably in next few weeks, look forward catching up with you……….cheers…

  9. Hey Jamie, great website…we sure miss Chaloklum and those late nights at WakeUp Bar. Hopefully we will be back early November…Send our love to Carin, Song and everybody else….
    See you in a few months
    Joeran & Lilia

  10. Hi Jamie, just to say thank you for your hospitality, wonderful cocktails and travel advice. We hope that you are hitting the waves. Love to you both. We really miss u. And we are still thiking about fitting a hammock in the lounge! See you soon!

  11. Yo Jamie

    Ellie and I spent 5 hours in hammocks in the woods today in a little copse in the quietest place Ive been for ages with picnic, The Times Sunday supplements and a bag of. Oooh hammock time!!

    I really like this site, just came across it looking to see how popular Wake Up! has become. Jonny did good creating this, might see if he can do The Fleur one.

    Things are pretty good here at the moment hope all is well with you.

    Till then…chris

  12. Alright Jamie,

    Much appreciation for the lessons yesterday. Our muscles are aching like crazy! But I suppose you’d expect that after our first time! Good tuition and company all round! I suspect you’ll be seeing us again soon!

    take it easy,

    Ste and Abz

  13. Hi Jamie

    We’re back home in London now and guess what it’s cold and raining!! Thank you so much for two fabulous days of Wakeboarding. Your patient clear instruction were great. We will be in touch soon and definately be back to see you. Take care, all the best.

    Jon & Koby

  14. Hey hey Jamie!
    Trying to get the pics and videos over to you of our awesome wakeboarding sessions!! hehe…. had a truely amazing time were gonna get cracking on some lakes over here so by the time were next over we’ll be doing 360’s all the way!!!
    Super stuff with extra sparkles ontop!

  15. Hi Jamie,

    Back at work in Denmark. It’s rainy and cold. Really miss Thailand right now. Just wanted to say thanks for few days of great wakeboarding. It was a cool experience and I’m going to try out the cable park in Copenhagen this weekend.
    Wake-Up Wakeboarding gets two thumbs up from us. We are definitely sending friends your way.

    Sunny & Seher

    P.s. Seher is still teasing me about kicking my ass after only one lesson. Still can’t believe she stayed up for 5 minutes after only trying it for 10 minutes

  16. hey jamie, i visited you round the fullmoonparty in august this summer. i had a great time! your boat kicks ass, everybody who is interested in wakeboarding and is near or on kho pha ngan, should catch a scooter and visit jamie’s school! wish you all the best and see you again in some years chris

  17. HI Wake up Crew,

    So at the moment i’m just sitting back at home, a long way from thailand and the beautiful and tranquil waters of Chaloklum Bay, and going through the photos of my recent trip to thialand…… oh memories….. During which i have come across some photos of me looking rather good on a wakeboard…. well good for my novice standards anyway, and decided to take the opportunity to write in and give my thanks to Mr. Jamie Sarsam for all the good times i had in the Water, the partying at the wakeup bar shouldn’t go with out a mention either…. if anyone reading this gets to the wake up bar be sure to sample some of the coctails after a session in the water!!

    Jamie you and your how operation is first class, from your bar, the outstanding location, and onto the water with your Boat, but most of all your teaching and overall experience in the water… I come from a Ski instructing back ground, and would like to think i know a thing or two about teaching, and Jamie you have it all, Patience, knowledge, good demos, enthusiasm, but most of all, and what makes a instructor great, the ability to pass your passion of the sport onto others……. and i have to say that you have done that with me, i am hooked. I am so glad i decided to give it a go, it was defenatly worth it, and i would not hesitate to do some more again…… i just hope i get to do it with you back in Thailand some time……… i love speed, you should see me ski, but flying across the water, doing little jumps, laying out the board so the spray is flying out high and wide, and the adrenaline buzz of clearing the wake just could not be beaten…… bring on my next holiday!!!

    Jay, thanks for everything, you made my holiday…….. keep up the good work…… if you ever fancy swapping the warm weather for something a bit cooler, then i would love to repay your hospitalilty, if you make it over to Banff, Canada….. and i will hopefully be able to show you my passion on the snow…. though i suspect with your outstanding wakeboard skills, your be more suited to snowboarding… i wont hold it against you….

    In the words of an ossie, you sir are a bloody legend,

    until are paths cross again,
    Jamie McC

  18. Just had the two best days of my life…..

    … the first was wakeboarding with Jay at wake up, who would have thought you could have so much fun with a bit of high teck plastic, some water and the dogs bollocks of a boat, thanks for that,

    … the second was the threesome i had with some thai girls the night after, you don’t get that to often in Glasgow. I freaking love thailand, one question though, do all thai girls have a funny lump in the front of their necks??? a bit similar to a guy and an adams apple??

  19. Hey Jamie,

    Just a quick note to say, thanks for making my holiday super awesome. I can’t believe you managed to get me up on the first lesson and then hairing around corners and in switch by the fifth – brilliant instruction, patience and a nice line in dry humour.

    Good luck for the rest of the season.


  20. @Rob, No worries Rob, thanks again for coming. Keep up the good work, that was some rapid progress out there, by the next time I see you I will be expecting great things! Get those wake to wake 180s down soon!

  21. @ts, Cheers Thomas. I will look forward to your next visit, again the water is awesome at the moment and you will have to come and try out the new wakeskate, it’s great fun, takes a little getting used to after the wakeboard though!

    See you soon mate.

  22. @Andy & Emma Hallam, Cheers guys, and I agree to everything apart from the part about it being enough ass kissing!

    You guys were awesome and I have never seen anyone wakeboard so well with a viscious hangover and two hours sleep.

    Congratulations again on your wedding, and come out again soon for your anniversary!

  23. @Achim, Thanks Achim, Glad you had a good time and say hi to all the guys from me. The wind has finally stopped now and the water is flat all day, still at its best early morning and late afternoon though.

    Just to throw a little praise your way too, you are one of the best wakeboarders I have taken out in the last two and a half years I have been playing here, so I look forward to your return.

  24. @Sadiq, Sadiq! Great to hear from you and so good to hear you will be back soon. I look forward to seeing you for another fun day on the water, if we wakeboard or not!

  25. @Joeran & Lilia, Great to hear from you guys, can’t wait to see you, hopefully for a long stay this time.

    See you soon!

  26. @Duncan & Manoli, Cheers guys, it was awesome seeing having you over. Missing having you here, wish you could have stayed longer, it is getting busier here now with the season starting again, the boat is running well and the water is calm all day.

    I’ll be in touch.

  27. @Chris, Hey guys, gotta love those sweek bags of hammock time! Glad you are finding time to chill in your busy schedule.

    Johnny did an awesome job and his ongoing support has been awesome, I highly recommend him to do your website if you need one done.

    Hope the sun is still shining at the Fleur!

  28. @Jon & Koby, Cheers guys,

    I bet central London is a hec of a change from Chaloklum, straight back to the ‘real’ world hey!

    Hope you guys get back next year, keep up the wakeboarding and have a few Mai Tai’s to remember me by, on second thought that might not be such a good idea hey Koby?

  29. @Genevieve, Cheers Gen,

    I’ll get the pics up on the webiste! Miss you guys already, good luck with wakeboarding in the chilly waters of England. Thanks for the extra sparkles on top!

  30. @Sunny, Nice one guys, hope its not too cold in Denmark! And Sunny you deserve all the abuse you get Seher was awesome, but don’t feel too bad mate, you did bloody well too, just outclassed by genius!

    Come back soon!

  31. @Chris, Nice one Chris! Glad you found the site, and thanks for the comments, get back out here as soon as you can mate, things are getting better all the time at Wake Up!

  32. @Jamie McCulloch, Thanks Jay, well after that message I’m not sure that my head will be able to fit out the door, very much appreciated especially coming from an Ski Instructor.

    It was an awesome time and good to go out regularly and see the development from getting out the water up until those massive wake to wake jumps, I am sure you will agree there is nothing more satisfying than seeing one of your students with an ear to ear grin like you had on those landings. Glad your hooked mate, can’t wait to get out on the snow with you and you can show me some moves, not looking forward to faceplants on the ice though I have to say! I’ll take it slow on the snow!

    Come back soon bro Good luck with your new life in Canada!

  33. @Rob Selgon, Nice one Rob, two of the best days of your life hey, well I won’t ruin the second one of those days for you by explaining what that lump was on your girlfriends throat, did she have big hands and a hairy chin by any chance?

    At least the wakeboarding was fun hey! Thanks for the message mate, get back soon!

  34. Thanks Jo,

    Some awesome sessions out there, and great to see you progress so much over the holiday, I really hope you keep it up and can get back out here next year for some big air jumps, and of course some more messy sessions in the bar!

    Big Love


  35. A quick message to say thanks for an awesome afternoon. I was a first timer completely new to wakeboarding but had always wanted to give it a try. The setting was perfect, a great boat and first class equipment. Jamie was a brilliant instructor who explained everything really clearly and had me up and riding in no time. I have some solid snowboard experience which really helped and managed a few stance changes to switch and a few tiny jumps over the wake. My huge smile really said it all as I blasted round the side of the boat, an unforgettable afternoon with really professional instruction. Massive thanks, Nick

  36. Hey jamie, So it’s been a while since i have last been in touch, and i was just coming onto your website to get jon packman’s details as i might need some help with a website design……and look what i find, your website has changed….looks amazing, so props to you and jon.

    would love to come back and get clearing the wake again, but looks like no joy this year, though you need to get over here, were getting loads of snow, and i would like to see you trying to mix it up on a board.

    Big love brother, keep lovin the life, and we will catch up soon, Jay McC

  37. Thanks a lot Nick, shame it was a quick visit, you were learning so fast it would have been good to have a few sessions, so make sure you come back next time! Hope to see you soon Nick.

  38. Jay! How you doing mate, glad to hear the snow is good, still hopeful of a trip to the colder side of boarding this year, but have to see what happens still. Hope all is going well over there, I’ll be in touch soon.

  39. Hey Jamie

    YOur web site if fabbie. I cannot believe me wee cousing is doing all this stuff. I can see that you are thriving and doing well. If you get access to sky sports. wath on April 17th Sky Sports 2 at 7.30 live. Scotland under 18’s v England under 18’s. Fraser will be playing. The only snag being you need to suport Scotland that night. keep in touch and take care lots of love Shirley

  40. Just got back from a week in Pha Ngan and had a great 4 days out with Jamie. My wakeboarding improved every session thanks to Jamie’s clear and helpful instructions. In four sessions I went from being happy to stay up to attempting a few little tricks and jumps. The setup of the boat and the equipment are also top quality which adds to the experience.

    Whether your are a beginner or an experienced wakeboarder it is hard to imagine a nicer setting to be doing it than in Chaloklam bay in the evening when the water is at its calmest and the sun is beginning to set.

  41. Hi son. The website looks great, the boat looks great and the restaurant looks great – not to mention my very handsome son. Looking at Scotty’s message, I think I may even give the wakeboarding a go when dad and I come in May. But if I’m not that brave, I will definitely give the cocktails a bit of a go.
    Loads of love Mum

  42. The very reverend Simon De Monkford OBE DCO VC

    Hello my dear boy,

    Your reputation preceeds you and has spread the darn globe, don’t you know fwar fwar.

    Thinking about popping in by yacht this summer. Always wanted to do this wakieboard stuff, what what. Not a very good swimmer I’m afraid and put on a bit of tmber last few months whilst moored in the Canaries, fwar fwar. Very keen though and a fast learner. Is there a weight limit (cuuently 24 stone) as if there is, I’ll do the old lipo thing again before we weigh anchor here in Monte Carlo. Can’t be doing with those bloody gastric bands, damn things don’t even let the champagne through, what what! Gotta go! stock markets are open, making a bloody killing these days! My butler Grenville will be in touch per details and to ascertain morring depth by you (we draw 14 mts) so may need the chopper! Toodle pip, you sort the girlies I’ll bring the caviar! fwar fwar!

    Yours most sincerely,
    The very reverend Simon De Monkford OBE DCO VC

  43. Hi M8

    Just got back from the caravan in Oxford, season just started so Dom and I went down to open it up
    Turns out that the warden there called Guy remembers you and your bar………….do you remember him?
    Hows the guitar coming on man?
    miss you

    Love Nigel

    (Hey folks I’m his proud cousin not a woofter)

  44. Just back from a fantastic time in Koh Phangan where Jamie expertly taught me (and a load of my friends) to wakeboard 😀

    Jamie managed to get all of us up and wakeboarding quickly & easily, and then took us onto riding switch and jumps – MUCH more than I was expecting to be doing after only three lessons!

    Chaloklum is a great place to wakeboard – a HUGE bay with very smooth water and beautiful scenery – it’s also a lovely place to stay if you want to get away from the Rat-Race of Had Rin/Thong Sala!

    I had an awesome time and will certainly be going back next year for more wakeboarding in paradise (I *might* even be tempted to brave the COLD waters of Staines to keep my eye in…).

    After a hard day’s wakeboarding we headed over to Wake Up! bar for sang song buckets accompanied by fantastic music – just what you’ll need after just one session behind the boat I assure you!

    Also, Jamie cooks a great Sunday roast (on erm Sundays) at his bar – check it out if you’re missing English grub 😉

    Many thanks Jamie – see you same time next year 😀

  45. Nice work on the website mate it looks great. glad you are having a good season hopefully i’ll be able to get out soon too for a nother try. Vic and the boys are waiting for the weather and then will be over to see you.

    See you soon

  46. Yo Jamie Wake UP!

    Just wanted to say that was the best holiday of my life dude and thank you for all the incredible wake boarding and your expert help. I’ve been a skier for the last 24 years but no more….it’s wake and snow boarding from now on! It’s the best adrenalin rush I’ve had for years and I can’t wait till next January when my friend you’re going to make me jump wake to wake and nail those grabs!

    Hope the bar keeps rocking (that was one kick ass full moon party) and I’ll see you soon man, thanks for looking after us.

    From Tom,
    5th April 2009

  47. Back in Brighton now mate. Found a school 10 mins from work, just the idea of needing a wet suit putting me off!!

    Just to say thanks for a great course, Jamie had me steadily progressing from lesson one from standing to traversing the wake and setting up for face plants ( I mean jumps)

    Its an ideal sport to learn in picturesque surroundings and also allows you to meet and drink with some chilled people. Next time I am back I will certainly sign on for another go. If you are thinking about doing it, go for it!!!

    So, hope all is well mate. Drink a chang for me and see you next time.



  48. Thanks Shirley, I will be watching for sure, don’t know if I can bring myself to cheer for the Scots against England but I will certainly cheer for Fraser!

  49. Nice one Scotty, Glad you made such good progress, you took to the wakeboard like you took to the skis, must be a natural talent. The boat is waiting for you when you get back, you will be doing wake to wakes by your next visit I am sure. I know you are right next to the lake in Staines so no excuses go and play!

  50. Ow Ma your embarassing me! Thanks anyway though! I am sure you would be good on the wakeboard but I have the feeling you will have far more fun on the cocktails so don’t worry if you choose to get pissed instead of getting air then I won’t take offense! See you soon x

  51. Mr Monkford, nice of you to check out the website fwar fwar, no get your fat ass out here and I’ll send you back to your estate with a six pack for replacement and before you get excited I’m not talking about beer!

  52. Say hi to Guy! glad you are getting out to chill in the caravan. Guitar is getting played but not learnig too much new stuff.

    Hope you can get a trip out here soon mate and see for yourself.


  53. Yo Cuz,

    Web site is looking cool! Hope ur well and enjoying life in the sun!
    I cant wait to come over again and get wet! Anybody undecided about trying wakeboarding should give it a go for sure, you couldn’t be in safer hands. Jamie was very patient with me as it took me about 8 attempts to get up but what a sence of achievement when ur riding 1 handed!! Theres no stress and you can wind down with a beer at the Wake up bar after a sesh!

    Its pure paradise!!!

    See you soon,


  54. Best holiday of all times! Thanks to the beautiful place called Koh Phangan and Wake Up which made it so much fun! In a week I’ve learnt more than in previous two years of wakeboarding! All I can think of is when I can take my next holiday and come back. We miss you Jamie! We will definitely be back!


    Nat & Egor.

  55. Hey Jamie,
    Just wanted to say thanks for the effort in teaching me, I really learned loads in 2 sessions and can’t wait to try some more! Was a great wake up from doing yoga for weeks!
    I have awesome pics of you doing jumps and will email them to you soon – impressive stuff!
    Oh and my back muscles didn’t hurt at all after the 2nd time 🙂
    take care
    Ann-Louise xxxx

  56. Vacation on Kho Phangon were the best I ever had.

    Thanks to Jamie for the wonderful wakeboard adventure. Was surprised how well it went and can’t wait to the that again next year. We will definitely come back…it was so much fun.

    Have some great videos, too. Have to get that stuff to you soon.


  57. hi jamie!

    learning wakeboarding with you was great! great bay; cool boat; good gear; and best of all: a very good instructor 🙂

    you where right about the calm water; its easy to jump over the whole wake then.
    going to send you some photos now.

    greets till next time,
    moe & sina

  58. Friedemann Leopold

    Hey guys, and of course Jamie!
    Jamie is the best wakeboard (and probably with other sports exatly the same) teacher I have met so far! He was amazing in giving helpful advice and it was unbelievable how precisely he could tell you what you should do in a different way! And of course he was unbelievably kind and open for any other questions! Jamie you are AMAZING!
    And of course the place where to wakeboard! In the sea, behind a boat and with a beatiful tropical sourrounding! WOW!
    So here some awesome pix!
    Von Jamie Wakeboarding
    Von Jamie Wakeboarding
    Von Jamie Wakeboarding

    Keep in touch!

    Friedemann & Janina

  59. salut jamie et carin!!! on est rentrés et deja l’ambiance chaloklum ns manque… rider avec vous pour la premiere fois a été un réél plaisir un grand merci a vous deux pr vos conseils d’experts qui m’ont permis de me lever au premier set… grâce à vous j’ai pas perdu de temps! tout ces moments ont été vraiment kiffants! on peut conseiller a tout le monde de venir vous voir meme pr les debutants c’est extras! sinon on vous attend ici en france quand vous voulez! en esperant revenir bienôt vous voir… on vous embrasse fort julien et élodie

  60. Hey guys!!!
    Me and a friend of mine had a lesson in June with Jamie…It was AMAZING!!!i never did wakeboarding before, but with Jamies help – no problem! connected with this beautiful island it was just perfect!
    Hopefully i get the chance to do it a second time!!
    So,Jamie,thank you very much! You’re doing a great job!!!
    Take care!

  61. Had a great time wakeboarding on the island. Jamie really helped me through the basics and i felt that i made big improvements in such a short period of time. I’ve only wakeboarded a couple of times years ago and that was with friends who weren’t the best at teaching so it was refreshing to have someone who really knows what they’re talking about.

    I’ll definately be wakeboarding again, just a shame the backdrop will be a bit different (freezing cold lakes in England!)

    Cheers mate

  62. Hallo hallo also ich sag euch eins, ….nur zum vermerk,….ich hab von diesem typ wakeboarden gelernt und er geht als lehrer genauso ab wie auf den geilen dschungel-goapartys. ich bin zum ersten mal allein weg und hab in thailand ihn getroffen, er ist wie ein richtiger freund und bringt dir deine der schoensten sachen der welt bei, …fett en, respekt an jamie, natürlich darf ich seine super freundin caren nicht vergessen, der es nie zu viel wurde meine meine viedeos auf zunehmen , wir hatten ne menge spass auf koh phang gan. ich kann es nur empfhelen, nur coole leute (fast).. alles super billig und eh mal erlich es wasser ist 27 grad warm. Ok also Komm Vorbei
    gruß robin

  63. Wonderfull teacher and site, I feel the best rider in 3 days lessons !
    That makes me forget about the so missed wind and wished kitesurfing.
    Thanks Jamie for good advices and patience,
    I am just waiting next opoortunity to come back !
    See you there,
    PS: I have a few hematomas on both arms and legs: maybe not a so smooth sport 😉
    PPS: searching for an Hyperlite/EDEN board and shoes (my birthdate coming soon 🙂

  64. First time wakeboarding could not have been better than with wake up wakeboarding with jamie, awesome time definitely going back for more.

    Best place to wakeboard in Koh Phangan and anywhere else, calm crystal clear waters, too good to miss out, definitely on YOUR TO DO LIST whilst there, cheers jamie

  65. If you are in Koh Phangan this place is an absolute must. I went in a beginner and thanks to Jamie I was up in 2 goes (wiping out as well). It is a good price and it is so much fun highly recommended for everyone.

    Cheers mate and hope to see you again soon.

  66. Hey Jamie, thanks so much for the wakeboarding on Friday! We (Roby, Hannah, Steve and myself) had so much fun!

    Thanks for the professional, calm and clear guidance and ensuring that we all had a great time.

    We will definitely recommend you to all our friends heading for Koh Phangan!

    Regards from Taiwan,

  67. Hey Jamie!
    I had realy good sessions with your boat! Good wake and very good istructor! If you come to switzerland call me so you can have some session by our club in Caslano of the Lugano lake! With our Masterkraft x2!!

    See you soon!

    Dino and Eva

  68. Went wakeboarding for the first time ever with Jamie and had a blast, all of us got up on our first few goes and we all loved it, I know this is my new favourite sport. Jamie is a great instructor / driver, been out a couple times since I left Koh Phagnan and I still love it but the experience with Jaimie was definitely the best, can’t recommend it enough.

    See you next time i can make it over for the FMP Jamie.

  69. Peter and Rosanne

    Today we went wakeboarding with Jamie. My girlfriend Rosanne had done it before in Vietnam but had a terrible instructor. Jamie is great, takes a lot of time for personal advice and gives a lot of great tips. She was standing up the second time!! For me it was the first time wakeborading and I also learnt it in a couple of tries. Jamie is a very good and professional instructor and we recommended it to everyone.


    Rosanne and Peter

  70. Hello everybody

    I hope everything runs well in koh Phangan.
    A great thanks for teaching me the best way to wakeboard.
    Keep smilling and dreaming.

    Giannis and family from Santorini/greece

  71. Florian Rudin


    Greetings from Switzerland. Thanks for teaching us this sick stuff 😀
    Hope to be back in future. Keep it up. Next time, i’ll show you a complete 360!! ^^


  72. Hi Jamie, the site”s awesome mate,cant believe ive just seen it now and as for the new boat that speaks for itself!!
    For anyboby thinking of giving Wakeboarding a try you”ll not find a better Instructor,location and chilled Bar for after a session on the water in Thailand!
    Jamie is a great instructor,very understanding and will teach you how to wakeboard properly and has all the best equipment for a wakeboarding session.
    And after a spell on the water what better way to wind down than to swing in a hammock,cocktail in hand at Wake Up Bar, Jamie and Carin run this great wee bar to a tee and are always more than happy to help u.
    keep up the good work guys and will see yous soon

  73. Alex and Sab"rin"e :)

    it was an amazing time in koh phangan… i wish you very much luck with the x-star. should she never bitching around 🙂 i know you are a good fancy man for her 😛
    we see us next year again man…
    so wake up!!!! man!!!!

  74. Hi

    Thanks for good wakeboarding sessions and tips you gave me on jumps!
    I will try to practise them more here in Finland. It would be great to come back some day, in the mean while I will definetly recommend Wake up wake sessions to everybody going to Koh Phangan!!!
    Keep on rocking Jamie.

  75. Jamie – an excellent couple of sessions on the boat. Ive been wakeboarding for a few months in HK, and progressed more in 2 sessions with Jamie than I did for those months. Ill certainly be back again soon!


  76. Thanks Jani!,

    Hope the water is warm in Finland man, I’ll keep rocking! See you next year!

  77. Nice one Alan, Look forward to seeing you and Sang for the next full moon, or maybe the Half moon this time!

  78. 9/11 Warning!!!!!!

    Jamie, be warned….

    Happy Honeymooners will crash into The WakeUpBar on Sep.11th.

    We dare you to post a guess on who we are. See you soon…

  79. Give me a little time on this one, I am sure I can get it right! Congratulations anyway and I look forward to finding out for sure on the 11th! See you soon 🙂

  80. Ah Joeran and Lillia, of course. Congrats guys, glad to have you here even if it is only a short trip this time!

  81. Wake Up was an awesome time, great to get on the water. Jamie helped us out on the wakeboard and let us take our time. Couldn’t believe the water would get that flat, seemed like we had the ocean to ourselves. Amazing time! Thanks Jamie,

    Tyler and Carolyn

  82. hi Jamie,

    Im back in norway, very cold here. can’t forget my first experience on board with you. thank for everything and the recommendation to go Anghtong Marine Park with was excellent tour.

    have a good one and see you soon


  83. Jamie is the best coach I have had…; He has the best spot on the island and the best boat.

    Got me doing wake to wakes 🙂 great tutor!!!1

    If you want to wake board on the island dont go anywhere else.

    Cheers dude

    Farid and Kate

  84. Thanks Guys!

    Sorry the weather turned bad for your last ride. Hope you guys got out on the kites though!

    Stay in touch and come back next year and we will get you doing 360s and backrolls!

  85. Hi Jamie

    How’s sunny Phangan. Preston’s cold and miserable (but we do have pickled onion monster munch h a ha). Not glad to be back, started looking for work abroad now

    Thanks for the lessons hun. Absolutely loved it. See you again next year hopefully. Hopefully have a board and be able to stay on it by then.

    Say hi to everyone in the lost dog from me and martin. x

  86. Thanks for a great day jamie. lots of fun and lots of help improving our skills. looking forward to coming back, to keep working on getting better. Dan & Andrew

  87. Heeeeey Jamie. Nice session that was. Good times mate!
    So, take care you and Steve. See you next time mate!!

  88. Just wanted to say thanks man, gettin behind a boat on a board instead of on a cable really gave me a taste to get into the sport properly and forget my old mono ski……..

  89. the other answers imply saefty at a beginner level. and, for the most part,they are correct. but there never is a sure thing when talking sports. one awkward fall or twisting movement can get you hurt but the percentages are very slim. if you already have issues .knees, back whatever, just go easy. you’ll love it.

  90. Wake boarding like water skniig rely on speed for the boarder or skier to stay up. I image you could with a large enough engine and provided there are no restrictions where you are boating. I only water ski off the back of speed boats.

  91. usually around the Gainesville Florida area you have Santa Fe Lake and Little Lake Santa Fe, along with lake Alto, all are about a 30min drive from there.there is also Kingsley lake but that’s about an hour and a half

  92. I really like water spotrs. For now I practice windsurfing but I think to switch to kitesurfing and wakeboarding. Tips like these come in handy. Thanks!

  93. Yes definately! If you have acsces to a boat regularly, trust me, you will be doing it as often as you can! Best advice, get someone who is experienced and willing to teach you and try to get your friends involved in it. After your sets, you can hang out, drink, swim, cruise around, it’s an all around great sport! haha Enjoy.Kramer

  94. Hey Jamie,

    THX for teaching me wakeboarding! After 4 days I am sooo addicted I think I need to get a board when I am back in Austria!

    Sun, a positive attitude and a smile can move mountains 😉



  95. It was actually my first try wakeboarding and Jamie was so professional, instructive and simply awesome, by the end of our two-week-long stay in Thailand, I was already doing some basic tricks. Since then I’ve been wakeboarding every summer in Moscow or where ever I could get the chance. Some day, i’m definitely coming back to Wake Up!

  96. sandra and christian

    Thanx for teaching us it was hard work for you but you did it with a lot of professionalism and patience. We had alot of fun. See you soon on board
    Sandra and christian

  97. Thanks Guys! I hear you are back on the island now. Hope I will see you for one last session before you head back to Germany 🙂

  98. Thanks for the kind words Egor. Glad to hear you are keeping it up in Moscow, I look forward to seeing how your skills have developed on your next trip out here 🙂

  99. Had a really great experience wakeboarding with Jamie. Both location and tuition were excellent, and I made a lot of progress in the two weeks I was there. It was my first time wakeboarding in the sea and it was nice wakeboarding in warm water ,compared with the UK! Thanks a lot see you next year. Blue

  100. Nice one Blue, great to meet you and look forward to seeing your progress next year. Hope it isn’t too much of a shock dropping back into the February UK water 🙂 Peace

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