Mastercraft X STAR

25 Jun
June 25, 2010

Wake Up! Wakeboarding Koh Phangan Thailand has just completed the purchase of a 2004 Mastercraft XSTAR. The X STAR is the top choice of pro riders and recognised as one of the best wakeboarding boats in the business.

The wake on this baby is huge, and with an inbuilt ballast system the wake can be adjusted from small ski wakes to huge wakesurfing wakes! Complete with awesome sound system and cool boxes, we are equipped for the best days entertainment possible out on the water.

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  1. MARK says:

    Good stuff Jamie, That boat looks the Nuts! Thats great news,cant wait to see her cruising in Chaloklum bay

  2. Josh lappo says:

    Hey Jamie it’s Josh from whistler Canada. Nice boat trying to come in may 2011 hope all is well. Cant wait kill that x-star wake, take care and I’ll see if I can get you a hook up for some bad ass wakeboards. Later buddy

  3. Wake Up! says:

    Thanks Josh,

    The X Star is amazing! Can’t wait for you to try it so I’ll look forward to May next year!

  4. Trevor leppard says:

    How’s the x star running mate ..seems a long way off ,but June 2012 with twin sons (wakeboarders ) we will be with you , for some extensive water time .keep the boat in great condition mate ….play up Pompey 🙂

  5. Wake Up! says:

    Hello Trevor! Your lucky I didn’t delete that Pompey comment off my website!!! The X Star is running like a dream mate! I look forward to seeing you man, and meeting your sons, they are gonna love the boat!!!

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