New low prices and special offers at Wake Up! Wakeboarding.

06 May
May 6, 2014

As gasoline and living costs are ever on the rise, here at Wake Up! Wakeboarding Koh Phangan, we are doing everything we can to keep prices down and make wakeboarding and wake sports affordable for everyone. After 8 years of business we have never raised our prices and now after all this time we have decided to lower our prices to give something back to all our loyal customers.

The hourly rate for chartering our boats has been reduced by 300bht per hour.
1 hour on the Yamaha is 3200bht
1 hour on the Mastercraft is 4000bht

There are now great deals on half day and full day charters:
4 hours on the Yamaha is 10,000bht (2500/hour)
8 hours on the Yamaha is 20,000bht (2500/hour)
4 hours on the Mastercraft is 13000bht (3250/hour)
8 hours on the Mastercraft is 25000bht (3125/hour)

You can also charter both boat for half a day or for the full day:

4 hours is 22,500bht (5625/hour)
8 hours is 40,000bht (5000/hour)

All pricing information can be found here

By chartering the boats for a half day or full day we can accomodate big groups and wedding parties of up to 30 people. Please let us know what equipment you would like us to bring, we offer Wakeboarding, Wakeskating, Wakesurfing, Monoski, Waterski, Kneeboards, Donut/Biscuit inflatable and Sumo Tube inflatable.

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