New Wakeboards, Wakesurfs and Bindings!

23 Jan
January 23, 2011

Wake Up! Wakeboarding Koh Phangan has just updated all our equipment with brand new stuff, including, mens/womens bindings, wakeboards and vests.  We have also added a Ronix Wakesurf board to our kit as the sport is growing in popularity all over the world.  Check our our gear page to see the new toys!!

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  1. Praba says:

    It can be expensive, that’s if your slreousiy looking into doing some crazy stuff.The rope should be low stretch 1-2% which can be about 50-60$The wakeboard ranges from 100-500$ I would recommend a hyper-light you can find these cheap on ebay and craigslist.Of course you need a good life jacket (not those around the neck ones) they have coast guard approved vest that are awesome but are like 50 bucks. So I got just a vest life jacket 30$ So I would say around 500$ if you were wanting to start slreousiy getting into it, but about 200$ for just a casual rider.

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