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Our boats

2004 Mastercraft X-Star

In the fall of 2002 the boating industry started buzzing about a new wakeboarding boat. Wakeboard enthusiasts frequenting online chat rooms created most of the hype, waiting out the winter. While MasterCraft employees and team riders put in overtime getting the X-Star to market, wakeboarders speculated about the size and shape of the wakDSCN6011e.

Today, riders are doing tricks that have never been done before. Parks Bonifay, X-Games, Vans Triple Crown and Pro Wakeboard Tour Champion, recently performed the first double half-cab mobe (a double back flip with a 360-degree twist) in history behind the X-Star.

IDSCN6099ts the most stoked Ive been behind the boat in a long time, said Bonifay. You can ask anyone, the wake on this new X-Star is ridiculous. Double-ups and triple-ups are so big. A lot of new tricks are going to be done, just because of that wake.”

MasterCraft has always had the best wakeboard hull in the world and now its even better, says Zane Schwenk, professional wakeboarder. I did the biggest raley Ive ever done in my life when we were testing this boat. It has the smoothest transition to a bigger, thicker ramp, with a perfect lip.

While the shape and size of the wake are paramount to riders, the 2004 X-Star has lots of other revolutionary new enhancements that make it a next generation wakeboard boat. The X-Star has a liner ballast system as opposed to conventional storage compartment ballast tanks. Three tanks are located beneath the floor. One 60-gallon ballast bag is located along the keel line, near the bow. Two more 36-gallon ballast tanks are located on either side of the 57-gallon fuel cell, forward of the engine compartment. Topped off, the X-Star can hold 1000 lbs of water weight and 500 lbs of octane, transforming beginner wakes into Grade-A tsunamis at the push of a button.

The X-Stars interior is so far advanced, it makes other wakeboarding boats look like Neanderthals. Above the cockpit is a totally transformed Zero Flex Flyer tower. We know its dramatically different than whats currently on the market, says John Dorton, president & CEO. But its going take the sport to a whole new level. Thats why the MasterCraft X-Star is expected to be choice of core wakeboarders.

Roberta (Yamaha)

Roberta our Yamaha Wake boat has been built from a wakeboard boat design but slightly adapted for salt water and sea conditions. At 21 foot with a 115bhp Yamaha outboard, Roberta has more than enough power to pull an elephant out the water on a monoskiThe wake towerThe Wake Up! boat!

The wake tower elevates the rope to pop you off the wake and pull you skywards making the wake to wake jumps effortless.

A Phat Sac water bladder gives an adjustable weight on the boat to push the wake up even higher – be warned if you scare easily!

When the ballast is removed and the engine trimmed all the way down, Roberta becomes more of a ski boat. We can flatten out the wake making it much easier to waterski and monoski behind.

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